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Şinasi Bozatlı

Şinasi Bozatlı (1962 Ankara)  After graduating from Gazi University, he started to live in Vienna in 1986. In 1992, he was admitted to the Hochschule Angewandte Kunst University in Vienna for postgraduate studies in Painting and Graphic Arts at the workshop of Professor Oswald Oberhuber and successfully completed his Master of Painting degree in 1996. 

Early on, classical painting had a formative influence on him. He continues to work in a rhythmic, figurative objectivity and three-dimensional integrity. For a long time Bozatlı was interested in the four thousand years old culture of the Hittites, an Indo-Europeans. He takes the themes of his paintings from the surviving writings, reliefs and reliefs of the Hittite archaic culture. Considering himself a world citizen, Bozatlı's long trips to Africa, Caribbean and the Cuban region, where he lived for a long time, enabled him to bring multi cultures, colors and people of the region to his canvases.

From 1995 onwards, human lines give way to abstract forms and integrate with the background. Bozatlı moves towards a new cycle that is very important for him in his works. He begins to produce abstract geometric forms, semi-configurations, circles, and "intertwining". From the early 2000s onwards, Bozatlı once again began to use his imagery. His brushstrokes become more intense as open compositions, giving his works a stronger expression. In a series titled "The Colors of Life", the artist's works begin in dark tones and include fading color stripes and traces of color. Thus, the old "joins" are now transformed into connections. The stony, earthy colors of the first phase have matured into exciting color chords and have turned towards atmospheric, turbulent life forms. In this cycle, Bozatlı tries to tame dark visions and let a positive radiance shine through. 

Between 2006 and 2009, the artist took a step further in his painting. Circles and contours dissipate and dissolve into flashing molecules that explode or vaporize in lines across the plane surface. In the "Movements" series, he deals with the confrontation with speed, and his circular configurations continue to exist in the subconscious, as if embodying Bozatlı's residual (artist’s signature).

Another transformation in his work begins in 2009 with the "(e)motions" series. At this stage, he once again turns to the assemblage of elements. These images are composed of wide-spread, richly contrasted blotches of color or impressionistic worlds that defy comprehension. Chains and links are partially flattened and depicted as a kind of textile weave. 

The "Mozart Vibrations" series, produced in 2018/19, shows the artist fully surrendering to the guiding power of music and painting inspired by the sounds of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Thick masses of color and at the same time exquisitely textured traces of paint combined with dynamic forms mark this luminous cycle.

Bozatlı's paintings are held in private and public collections and foundations in Austria, Germany, England, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, Turkey, Malta, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Africa, South Korea, Japan and the USA. His works are in the Ankara Museum of Modern Art, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Turkey, the Austrian Central Bank, the State Museum of Burgenland, the State Museum of Lower Austria, the Federal Chancellery of the Austrian Prime Minister and the City Museum of the State of Vienna. Şinasi Bozatlı lives in Vienna, Istanbul and Bodrum and continues to work in his studios.    


Written By Monika Ziwna /  Translate By Beril Bozatlı 

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