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Utku Uysal

UTKU UYSAL's expressionist works skillfully combine human emotions with the opposite impressionist natural beauties, giving art lovers a combined experience while also offering an emotional perspective with the expression of her own inner voice. She helps her audience find their own inner peace and question it. Inspired by the artist's personal feelings, the harmony of light and colors with the subject in her works explores the basic connection flow with nature. Utku manages to convey the concepts of unconscious and subconscious desire to her audience as a source of inspiration in her highly detailed, realistic surreal works combined with dreamy, fantastic images. With her works that offer an in-depth perspective on human nature and expressionism, she offers her audience a unique artistic experience by providing a healing escape. Her works celebrates women's resilience and fragility, as well as their greatness. Utku achieves the magical theme in her artworks with balanced realist surrealism and imaginary absurd realist poetic style that harmonizes between layered colors, dreams, natural beauties and the subject. Her works  invites the audience to share, taste and think about the beauty of existence, dreams, love, hope and fear. Utku's bright colors screams, dances, sings and whispers so that the viewer can empathize to reflect their own feelings and emotions.  Arthouse Istanbul Feb 24th, 2024 

Utku Uysal (Balıkesir, Turkey 1972)  Her love for art began in her childhood especially with the support of her Grandfather and under the influence of his Teacher Mother and Father, who were interested in music, painting and calligraphy, increased her love for art even more. Even though she was entitled to enter the Faculty of Fine Arts, Utku, who also attracted attention with her voice and stage, took a different path with the attractive offers she couldn’t refuse. Who has been performing for more than thirty years Utku has started to actively paint for the last five years in order to experience living in the world of colors in her dreams, which she defines as the "Paradise of Eternity". In her works, which she produces with multi-layered brush strokes inspired by her own emotions, she describes her dreams, introspection, symbols and the unique beauty of nature with surrealist and expressionist syle. 

"For me, art is a paradise that lives in eternity. It is a great privilege for me to travel in that paradise and be worthy of art with the effort of reflecting the endless existences there"


In my works in the "Whispers" series, my first exhibition to be held at Arnavutköy Art Gallery Istanbul, I wanted to reflect the consequences of living one's own reality, the consequences of not loving and being loved, and how the miracles and beauties of life disappear in people who live lives they do not want, with an imaginary world that I created beyond time and space.  Utku Uysal

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